Why JUICEoMan is good to start a business of producing cold-pressed juices?

You only need one person to work on a press.

Greatest benefit of producing juices with JUICEoMan press is the fact that for a short period of time you can produce a huge amount of juice, which will help you save time, work force and money, thereby reducing your production costs...  Read more

JUICEoMan press

About Us

We are spreading the idea of producing healthy juices, encouraging and supporting everyone who wants to work in this business. Since we have a lot of experience and we are making 400-500 units of juices every day (today too), we can and want to help all future producers of juices.

We are the only company producing cold pressed juices and cold pressed juices presses. 


What makes JUICEoMan different?

One person can operate the press.

Mechanical knob

Mechanical knob of JUICEoMan press compared to other pressing systems has facilitated process of products’ grinding.

Best price-quality ratio

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